SuperSart: 3D Reconstruction Software for medical and bio-imaging applications

Main Characteristics

  • Arbitrary recording geometries (parallel beam, cone beam, multibeam, etc.)
  • Modular design
  • No data interpolations
  • Incredible speed through consequent GPGPU design
  • Unrivaled reconstruction quality



  • Reduces Noise
  • Improves contrast
  • Corrects for MTF in 3D
  • Pixel-driven projection technology
  • Super-sampling precise voxel weighting

Speed assessment

  • up to 1000x faster than conventional reconstruction packages
  • up to 20x faster than other GPGPU implementations

Resolution improvement



  • Ideal for pattern recognition
  • Individual feature extraction
  • No artifacts
  • Noise-reduced input for machine learning applications
  • Direct input for Deep Learningand Convolutional Neural Networks


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