Transmission Electron Microscopes

At its three transmission electron microscopes (TEMs), the FCEM currently supports or provides service in both the areas of classical room temperature electron microscopy/tomography (EM/ET) and high resolution cryo-EM/ET.


The FEI Krios TEM which is equipped with an imaging filter and an electron direct detector is currently mainly dedicated to cryo ET data acquisition and allows state-of-the-art cryo TEM for structural biology projects.

The FEI F30 TEM is currently mainly used for room temperature EM/ET and for single particle analysis. It is equipped with a high-quality 4K CCD camera, and in foreseeable future, we plan to upgrade the microscope with a direct electron detector.

The FEI CM12 TEM allows imaging of classical thin sectioning of all type of tissues, negative staining (e.g. testing for suitability of samples for higher resolution work), nanoparticle quality control, and environmental samples.)


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